Mike Hyman, Celebrant and ToastmasterMike Hyman is an Independent Celebrant, conducting funeral services throughout Lincolnshire, Humberside and the South Yorkshire area.

His philosophy and aim is to give the family the best possible funeral service, allowing them to feel that they have given their loved one a beautiful and memorable send off and look back with a warm feeling, knowing that their loved one would have been proud.

A ‘Celebrant‘ is a person who creates, writes and conducts an individual Funeral Service to honour and celebrate the deceased’s life in a sensitive, dignified and appropriate way.

Understanding the pain, sorrow and hurt that death brings – but knowing that there are so many good things in a person’s life worth remembering and celebrating helps to ease and heal the grieving process for those left behind.

Focusing on all that made the deceased special and unique, allows for a move away from the traditional funeral but more towards a celebration of their life.

Mourners can tailor the funeral to their own requirements in consultation with the Celebrant – taking a lot of the burden away from them at the time they need help the most.

Mike Hyman, CelebrantMaybe, it is not appropriate for the deceased and/or their relatives to have a traditional service conducted by a religious minister. Although a funeral in Church or Chapel (giving readings and singing hymns) is a service steeped in sanctity and dignity, it is sometimes not pertinent to the deceased or family beliefs.

Mike meets with the family to discuss their ideas and details for the type of ceremony they would like to see, along with as many personal memories of the deceased as possible, in order to create a truly relevant and personal tribute to their life and achievements as well as creating an appropriate eulogy of remembrance (if required).

Mike Hyman, Celebrant

Some more unusual requests can also be addressed to mark the passing of a loved one that may be meaningful to the deceased and their family.

Family and friends are encouraged to be involved as much as possible with the ceremony, singing hymns and psalms or perhaps simply favourite songs, giving readings of poems, bible passages or personal tributes.

There is no specific agenda to follow. The ceremony that is created is tailored entirely to suit your own preferences and to be (for everyone attending) a perfect, personal and loving ‘Celebration of Life’.

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Non-Religious Service

A non-religious service can take place prior to either cremation or burial and in most cases it is possible to remove all religious symbolism from the chapel by prior arrangement and is normally based around humanist values and has no mention of religion or the after life. Even though the person who has died may have been atheist, the mourners may however have Faith. Therefore to honour both sides, you may feel it appropriate to have a quiet period of reflection to be included to allow religious believers to say a silent prayer.

Semi-Religious (Christian) Service

These are appropriate for a family that may not have been regular ‘churchgoers’ but lived or live their lives according to Christian beliefs.  The church may have simply lost its significance for them but they may still be spiritual inside. These beliefs are therefore honoured in this service although not within a formal religious venue and suggestions for hymns, prayers, readings or poetry would be included. This type of funeral honours the belief of Christianity and the existence of Jesus. You will be invited to suggest any prayers, hymns or readings that you may wish to be included.

Spiritual Service

Even without a particular religious belief, many people are still open to the possibility of an after life or spiritual plane. These services need specific guidance from the deceased’s family for recommending hymns, music or readings which are both spiritual and secular.  Many people are in some doubt as to what they really believe but may want to leave the door open to the possibility of an after life or some form of spirit. I can conduct
agnostic and specific funerals to reflect individual levels of belief –
whatever they may be.

New Age/Holistic Service

New Age or Holistic beliefs are often referred to when a family has a mixture of beliefs, whether traditionally religious, spiritual or humanist.  These services may include references to the principles of reincarnation and spirit presence and may require music, chanting and meditation along with other forms of ritual. The modern world sometimes demands and requires a blending of beliefs, all of which I am happy to conduct.

To enable the creation of a ceremony which accurately reflects the deceased’s life, it would be a great help if the family can think about details suggested by all or any of the questions below before we meet:

  • Where was the deceased born and raised
  • Family members they grew up with
  • Childhood stories and Schooldays
  • Partners, Children, Grandchildren and other family
  • Closest friends
  • Career and places of work
  • Military career / National Service
  • Groups and Societies belonged to
  • Interests and achievements
  • Favourite memories, stories and sayings
  • For what will they be remembered
  • Musical tastes
  • Will anyone else be participating in the service
  • Any personal request regarding the funeral from the deceased

Mike is also a qualified and experienced Toastmaster,
available for Weddings and other family or friends celebrations and life events,
as well as more formal evenings such as Ladies Nights.
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